Friday, June 4, 2010

christmas in june

i never knew an old spray painted
wicker couch could bring so much
joy and happiness
into my life.
my friend buffy found it by a dumpster
{check out her before and after photos}
painted it yellow and made a cushion then
used it for a baby shower.
she had no where to put it
so i happily took it off her hands!
i cant wait to sew huge pillows for it
and also use it for photoshoots.


Jaime Stephens said...

You look lovely on it! I was just thinking perfect photo place.. You the couch, that door I love it all

With Three In Tow said...

WOW! What a great looking wicker couch. You have one awesome friend to just give it to you! Totally jealous!

Kim said...

Sooo cute!!

Wendy Smith said...

you are too cute...and you so deserve that couch-just where are you going to store it? I know you'll make room. Can't wait to see photos with it.