Wednesday, July 21, 2010

new cards!

long time no blog for reals.
ive been so busy living
and trying not to be overwhelmed by life.
but thats summer for you right?
i got my new cards the other day
and i must say i like them a lot more
than my old ones.
my sister did my little logo.
i love it :)
and of coarse it looks better in real life.

ive been running like a mad woman
and yay for new running shoes!!
no more sore knees!!
im ready for coopers run
its not to late to sign up...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

book club

im starting a book club.
ive always wanted to be in one.
like my sister in salt lake is in like 3.
what the heck?
i feel so left out.
and i dont know anyone by me thats doing one.
so im starting my own.
anyone can join!
let me know if you are interested.
it'll be fun
and our get togethers
are going to be out of this world awesome!
will be the first book.
let me know if you want in
and start reading!!