Wednesday, July 21, 2010

new cards!

long time no blog for reals.
ive been so busy living
and trying not to be overwhelmed by life.
but thats summer for you right?
i got my new cards the other day
and i must say i like them a lot more
than my old ones.
my sister did my little logo.
i love it :)
and of coarse it looks better in real life.

ive been running like a mad woman
and yay for new running shoes!!
no more sore knees!!
im ready for coopers run
its not to late to sign up...


Turbo said...

Digging the new cards. Congrats on the sneaks. There is nothing like that spongy bounce of a brand new pair.

Jaime Stephens said...

I miss you glad to have u blog again.. Lets do lunch soon! Love the new kicks! Love the new cards, so cute!!

[Morgan] said...

very cool cards.
and kicks too!

good luck with coopers run, the kids and i are doin' the fun run.

With Three In Tow said...

Oh I like both, card and shoes! So nice!

Kim said...

love your cards!! And it's always nice to get new shoes :)