Thursday, December 24, 2009

family ugly sweater present exchange christmas party

the family party was so much fun this year.
here are some of the ugly sweaters...

"old ladies lingerie"

the gathered puffs on jeffs sleeve were priceless

erin channeled her inner deb.
she looked just like her.

"winters baby breathe kiss"

"sugarplum dreams, wishes and whispers"

the newlyweds and winners!

awkward times.
rick went for a more tropical look.

rick thank you for making my
garden yeti dreams come true!

then my camera died.


Erin said...

great pics! the party was a blast it was so hard to pick the uglyest!i rather spend time with my family then anyone else and i am glad i have you as a aunt like you !

madi vorkink

Erin said...

i love my glamour shot! and the awkward smiles by me and dri. fun!