Tuesday, December 29, 2009

little grey dresses

happy new years!
i love new years almost as much as christmas,
maybe even more.
its the excitement of a new year, a fresh start, new beginings, goals.
ive been thinking a lot about that word,
and how far ive come and all that ive achieved in one year.
i started the year out so afraid of the future,
i had to make some really tough life decisions.
it felt like closing my eyes jumping off a cliff and
praying to god that there would be water
or at least a parachute to break my fall.
there was.
i got a divorce, a full time job, new car, had a lot of fun with my kids,
focused more on my photography,
got on my own 2 feet
(with lots of help :)
and pretty much saw what i was capable of.
and i liked it :)
i cant wait,
i have so many goals/resolutions...
what would your word be?

even if i ring in the new year
watching movies and drinking sparkling cider with the kids
it would be real fun to do it wearing
one of these little grey dresses...
to bad im broke from christmas,
but seriously so cute.

my favorite new year tradition
growing up
was watching these movies.
im going to go and try and find them today after work.
i HAVE to watch/own them.
im pretty darn positive my dad still watches
them every year.
i lalalaloved natalie wood,
(still do)
absolutley adored her when i was little.
she was the bees knees.


Erin said...

if you find them, buy one for me two. just thinking we want to stay home and watch them too, funny how traditions stick with you. love the grey dresses, want the second one with the little cap sleeves. where did you find them?

Talia said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again! I was worried about ya, and I'm glad to hear that you're doing well...you're getting me excited for the new year.
Have an awesome one!!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

love the dresses. love the movies. and i love the new years rez. This year has been quite a year, huh?