Wednesday, February 17, 2010

fast food nation

so right now we are without a kitchen sink
and walls.
i still have the fridge in tact
but thats about it.
im not complaining
i couldnt be more happy
or excited about it!
its just that we are going
to be on take out status for a while.
and will be having picnics
in the living room.
{ill probably need to get the carpets cleaned after the kitchen is done}
im not to excited about the idea
of eating out.
but luckily there are some yummy healthy
take out places around.
my favorite is jasons deli.
its so good, i love it.
they use mostly organic ingredients
like their kids pizza
and mac n cheese is organic.
and my kids looooooooove their
fruit cups and steamed veggies.
i would order out there every night
while we are remodeling
if i could afford it.
where are some other good
semi healthy places to eat?
not mcdonalds or wendys or taco bell.

*im having a giveaway this friday!!*


Kim said...

I've heard Ginger's Cafe in Springville is really good. I've been meaning to try it myself!

Pritchard Family - Megan said...

when you come over tomorrow for lashes, I'll have homemade chicken noodle soup and biscuits made, if you and the kiddos would like to eat with us! : )

the farlanderz said...

we always liked squatters (although...not sure what county you are in these days, slc or utah?)

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

sounds yummy! There is a serious droughtage of good restaurants in laie. So i am jealous:)

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

p.s. i love the photo a day....makes me miss you guys lots:(

Erin said...

yipee!! bye bye ghetto kitchen!! the demo looked like a blast!