Monday, February 8, 2010

im soooooo over vampires *warning viewer descretion advised*

i think the new hot thing in town is zombies.
thank goodness cause i done hate
edward, bella, and jacob.
i know i have offended many with that comment.

redboxed zombieland saturday night,
then when i went to bed
i opened my book
and thought it was super funny
that im reading a book about zombies as well.
had a little overload of gore and guts.
im random.
i know.
{why is woody harrelson so rad?}


Erin Bigler said...

This book is literally sitting right in front of me as I type this. I bought it for the cover art alone. :)

[Morgan] said...

not a fan of edward or bella, or whoever (the hell) else is in that vampire book series. ;)

Pritchard Family - Megan said...

the real vampire books came out years ago! (They were written by Anne Rice.) and yeah I found it all to be lame and over rated! and for Zoombies . . . !? ; )