Tuesday, February 2, 2010

time for tea?

while the kids were with their dad
over the weekend i went to ikea
with my sisters.
and going to ikea without kids is the BEST!
you can take your sweet time
and look at everything.
i got darby a new tea set and table
then set it up with some cake bites
the day they were coming home.
and yes had to take a billion pictures.
both darby and christian were so excited.
and we have had a tea party
just about every night.


{Erica} said...


We have that tea set and I think I love it more than my girls! :)

Great pictures.

p.s. I didn't know IKEA had cinnamon buns?

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

very cute and looks like lots of fun. I miss you guys:(

Kim said...

Such cute pictures! Who wouldn't love a little tea party when it's as super cute as this...and with yummy treats!!