Thursday, January 14, 2010

bathroom ideas

my room is almost done,
{pictures to come}
we will be starting the kitchen soon,
so naturally my mind wanders
straight to the bathroom.
and i think about how bland and ugly
it is in there.
i cant wait for a little extra cash
{who knows when that'll be}
to spruce things up a notch or two
or like ten.
here are a couple
fun ideas that are making my list...

gray blue paint *love*
the love stinks soap has my name written all over it!
im crazy over this shelf
and this little number, smitten.

toothbrush and what not holder
i need to get my hands on these amy butler towels!!
good words to look at while blowdrying your hair
ebay mirror
isnt it so fun dreaming and scheming of ideas??


Erin Bigler said...

Cute! I have that shower curtain. Don't you love that it looks even better than this: and for half the price? Boy, I sure do.

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

love it. So when you come visit me, will you like redo our whole house? just kidding, but seriously.

lindsey loo said...

erin, thats so funny cause i totally made the same comparision.

Lindey&Corbin said...

I painted my bathroom a similar color! I love it!

the farlanderz said...

this makes me want to shop.
if only 5 bucks would cover that shower curtain and those towels...

Lindey&Corbin said...

They have a similar shelf at tai pan trading. you should check it out.