Friday, January 22, 2010

good times with gary the snail

last summer christian adopted a snail
that he found at simeons house.
gary was his name.
gary lived a whopping 2 weeks
i really didnt think he'd last a day.
looking at these pictures
make me so ready for spring/summer.
i can barely stand it.

i really struggle in the winter time
and now that i work all day
its been super hard.
i am definitely a sunshine girl.
this has saved my butt.
i swear it works!

i highly recommend it for anyone
feeling the winter blues
it will make you feel like this...

what makes you happy in the winter time?


Erin Bigler- a tall drink of water said...

So...I wanna know more about this lamp. I totally need to fly South for the winter. Gray days leave me down and blue. How does it work and do you just put one in the main room of your house?

[Morgan] said...

i struggle with winter too. when i tell someone i get the "january blues" i don't mean it to be taken lightly.
i've been taking the d3 for almost a month now and i really have noticed a difference! whether it's placebo or the real deal? i don't give a hoot.
now i need to know more about this lamp. that's what it is right?

[Morgan] said...

oh and, what makes me happy in the winter time you asked?
well other than dreaming about summer, i just stay crazy busy teaching preschool and building cardboard box houses with my kids. kids equal sunshine for me i guess.

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

Oh. tender. i wish you could see the snails now at simeons house. They have tripled in size, for real! They are huge!