Monday, January 4, 2010

family home evening you are a pain in my butt {sometimes}

i try my darndest to do family home evening regularly.
my kids are crazy for bowling
and seriously they want to go every monday.
sometimes pulling of FHE by myself can
be enough to put me in the crazy house.
last night we had 2 huge meltdowns
a bowling alley that was closing early in 10 minutes,
which caused 2 more huge meltdowns.
then finally we made it.
to a bowling alley.
the kids had a great time as usual.
and it was worth the pains in my butt to get us there.


Talia said...

you are such a good mama! and i'm excited you're doing the photo-a-day'll have to share!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

darby!! auntie wants to squeeze you, lots & lots! oh my gosh, i miss those two!

the farlanderz said...

these photos make me want to go bowling. and that is saying something...
ps my word verification is horholo. just thought that was kind of funny word.

{Erica} said...

Awesome that Darby girl!

As for FHE...I think we get extra blessings for trying when we don't feel like it or the kids are particularly least I like to think so!

Kudos to you for doing FHE at all!