Friday, January 29, 2010

staying classy with the classifieds

here is my latest ksl find.
ive been looking for a big unique mirror
for a long time.
and all the ones id find were out of
my price range.
i saw this gem for $40!!
when i went to pick it up
it was a LOT bigger than i thought.
but bigger is better.
i managed to bring it in the house by myself
{inch by inch}
but recruited help to hang it.
thanks phil!

{my picture wall is almost finished!!}

it makes me smile :)


[Morgan] said...

i love it!
you are one hot woman too you know.

Rach said...

Linds you have great taste. Your home is coming together very nicely!

Erin said...

way cool!
that ksl is my fav!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

wow, how fun! btw, you are a hot momma!

Talia said...

this is amazing! you AND the mirror. you're going to have to do a little house tour soon!

Kim said...

Love the mirror!! Great find :)