Thursday, April 29, 2010

mothers day wish list

heres to wishing...

every mom needs one of these

all of the above is from anthro

anyone one of these colors would look splendid in the new kitchen
{still trying to figure out why the ex needed my kitchen aid...}

my favorite movie
ive netflixed it too many times to count

ill take the chevron print in navy and green
of darby and christian

these are just too fun

im a huge fan of being happy
and to be honest ill be super happy
with handmade drawings from my babies
and a flower from church
{and sleeping in wouldnt hurt anyone}
and when they get older
ill tell them that they have to make me breakfast in bed ;)

1 comment:

[Morgan] said...

if i could, i'd buy you a new kitchen aid. i really would.

and, i may just by myself that be happy print for mothers day:)