Saturday, April 10, 2010

sounds of sunday

im LOVING this weather
perfect for photoshoots :)
had 2 yesterday back to back
and it was such a blast.
while driving to a location we spotted this
couch on the side of the road
we had to stop and do some shots with it.
they are awesome!
i got in on the action too.
i didnt adjust the camera settings right for kiley
but they are still super fun.
the ones of her turned out a million times better
and thats all that matters.
i want to go back and take that couch...


first time i heard his music
i thought it was nick drake.
he sounds very similar but still has
a unique sound.
im obsessed with this song right now.
he has the best chill music
plus he is such a stud muffin
am i right ladies?

1 comment:

Erin said...

oh i likey, it reminds me of roadtriping...ahhh.