Sunday, May 16, 2010

dandelion heaven

i say danduhlion
and christian gets so mad and corrects me
thanks buffy for having a rad backyard
full of dandeeeeeeeeeeelions.
and living next door to lambs
and llama's.
and having us over for dinner.
so fun.

this springs hottest look is
your gymnastic leotard with big girl panties hanging out.
its the only way to go :)
i so love this girl
and my fingers
{and toes}
are crossed that darby might be like her
when she gets older.

i couldnt help but take a couple shots
of my friend jami's girls.


Turbo said...

Great shots!

Jaime Stephens said...

oh how I love you! Your amazing and yes Buffy's yard is great.. Hopefully we have many more of these nights.. And you know Savannah got the leotard with panties hanging out from me it's the look at my house I look hot