Sunday, May 9, 2010

i love you, mom, more than i love...

mothers day is over.
not a fan.
valentines doesnt phase me.
but for some reason i have a hard time with mothers day.
especially today.
maybe i think about all the ways i can be a better mom.
maybe i was feeling a bit lonely.
maybe i was really tired.
maybe it was combo of all of the above.
i am soooooooo grateful for my babies
they are everything to me.
i am so grateful for my friends who were so sweet to me today too.
my neighbor milly brought me flowers.
my good friend kim brought me a cute present.
my other good friend megan tickled my back
during our relief society lesson
{a mothers day miracle i tell you!!}
and she brought me a bunch of cupcakes from her bakery
and last but not least
cmans mothers day book he made at school.
he has been so excited to give it to me all weekend.

{totally looks like you megan}

and i HAVE to give a shout out
to my mom.
i stole this pic from you becky
hope you dont mind :)
my mom is so amazing.
we were so blessed in 2009 that doctors found 2 brain aneurysms.
that is very rare to find them BEFORE something happens.
i need her, i love her, and im so very grateful
she is going to be around a lot longer
and go surfing with my sister in hawaii
{how rad is that??}
thank you for everything you have done for me.
especially during the last year and a half.
i couldnt have done and accomplished
the things i have without your support.
and i especially love that you talk to all of us
about genealogy and tell us about people as if we
know what the heck you are talking about.
dont stop though.
its to funny and we all love it :)

happy mothers day all you moms out there.
you are all truly amazing!


suzi said...

What a sweet post! You are an amazing mom. I love being around mothers who find joy in the journey of totally do. You're awesome!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

i don't mind at all:) Happy momma's day linds! You are such a good mom, and i look up to you so much.

Jaime Stephens said...

You are such a cute and good mom, I hope you had a good day. I love the things Christian chose in his book thats awesome!

Pritchard Family - Megan said...

You're a Great Mom Linds!! We try our best with what we have at the time and I think you are doing pretty darn great! Chin up! LOVE YOU!

Kim said...

What a sweet book your little man made you :) Those are the best gifts on mother's day!!

and p.s. lunch would be fun the next time I'm down. I told Tal that we need to do a shopping trip in Utah!

Erin said...

oh i luv luv luv you!! and luv the pic of mom and beck, you are doing such a good job. christian and darby are so so lucky to have you for a momma!!!