Wednesday, May 19, 2010


so sad and sick.

darby is probably the HARDEST kid
to get to take medicine.
ive tried everything and it doesnt work.
hopefully the shot the doctor gave her will kick in soon.
but she has been loving this vicks baby rub.
she sticks her chin out she wants it :(
and its been one of the only comforting thing for her
to have me message it on her neck and belly and back.

sick kids are the worst.
and probably this post is too...


Rach said...

Bummer dude! I hope she feels happy again very soon!

With Three In Tow said...

That is so sad! What sucks even worse is when they are sick and so are you! That is how my life rolls!
My kids love meds though...kind of scary!

Jaime Stephens said...

Oh so so sad.. Sweet little girl was trying to fight it when we saw you dang it. Hope she feels better soon and I hope you and Christian don't get anything..

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

poor little muffin. Hope she gets better soon:)