Friday, May 21, 2010

dressers for sale!

im getting rid of some old
to make way for some new
storage for toys.
im selling one of each color.
one from both kids room.
{why did i ever think darby needed 3 dressers?
you do crazy things when you are preggers}
they are as good as new and
already assembled.
the birch one goes for 79.00
and the white for 69.00
but ill take 50.00 for each.

this book is currently one of cmans favorites
and i feel the mothers pain :)

toys are taking over my house!


[Morgan] said...

too many toys. why do we do it? why do we buy so many dang toys?!!! ha ha ha.

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

Wish you weren't across the ocean or i would buy those dang dressers in a new york minute.

heather said...

i saw that book at target and LOVED it! it's the story of my life. i'm constantly sneaking old toys out of wendy's toy box and giving them to goodwill. they take over my house and make me claustrophobic.