Tuesday, March 30, 2010

she makes me do crazy things

like cry
im feeling a bit sad today.
i wont lie.
it was so hard saying goodbye.
me and my mom had some
really good heart to heart convo's
she gets where im at right now and i appreciate that.
she is so super beautiful and funny.
and she totally drives me nuts sometimes.
the best was when she was trying to get
adri to wear red lipstick to disneyland.
why does she always try to make her wear red lipstick?

going to see the seals
and playing on the beach.
darby kept calling the seals puppies.

here she is playing with one of her 2 dogs
spawns of satan
me and adri both agree.
they gotstago!


The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

i love those pictures of mom! They are beautiful! and don't dis moms dogs, they are the bomb!

Erin said...

those pics make me miss mama so bad. i want to hear more about the trip, i'll be calling ya.