Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the magic kingdom awaits

what i cant wait for...
mom and sisters
the beach thats 5 minutes away
trader joes
lots and lots of extra helping hands
moms pool and backyard
meeting sisters new boyfriend
mom and jenny's cooking
playing with my kids all day all weekend
last but not least:
selena gomez!
cman thinks that because she lives in california
we are going to see her.
i think he is just excited about her
as seeing grandma, aunties and disneyland.
ive tried explaining it to him
that we arent going to see her
but it goes in one ear and out the other.

taken last year in the backyard


the farlanderz said...

sounds fabulous!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

how fun is that?! have a blast and give the family lots of hugs for me:)

Erin said...

have a fantastic time!!!

Talia said...

have so much fun!! we're hoping to go sometime this summer, too!

Chelsea said...

Sounds so great! Home is just the best place on earth-- good luck finding Selena-- how cute!

p.s. I love shopping at Trader Joes whenever Im home in vegas. Such a great store!
- Chelsea Bishop

Andrea Smith said...

Hey You! I think you're just amazing! I'm going to stalk your blog now! :) LOVE YA!