Friday, March 5, 2010

um. ya. remember that book you borrowed?

i love my little growing library
half as much as i love to read.
i saw these free bookplates
had to put them in my books.
i really dont mind lending books at all.
but id love to get them back :)
i copied some for my friend kim as well
who has a very impressive stash o books
that im always borrowing (and returning) from.

this book has been the funniest book
ive read in a long time.
like laugh out loud crying funny.
i promise promise promise its not a church book.
i promise.
anyone will like it.
i promise.
{i dont even like mormon literature}
but check it out you readers out there.


Annie said...

is she the girl that dressed up as a chinese fortune cookie? i read an excerpt at almost peed my pants.

have i ever borrowed a book? i'm horrible at remembering.

Kim said...

I love reading and love borrowing books from my sisters. Cute bookplates!

Kim said...

I loooooove my bookplates! You're the best!