Monday, March 1, 2010


my little one had a fever all weekend.
took her to the doctor
{with help from my sister}
and the poor dear has strep.
the only good thing about her being sick
is how snuggly she is.
all morning we laid in bed and read books
when does that happen??
so im cherishing the time im taking off
work to take care of her.
it was so nice to have dinner, homework and reading
done by 6:00.
sometimes i really miss being home with my babies...
in this picture darby had enough of my bed
and wanted to lay on the cool floor
and she stayed there for like a half an hour.
i gave her a pillow
it didnt look very comfy
but she wasnt going to let me move her.

another month down!
so fun!


Rach said...

Minus sick little Darby, you have had quite the month! Hope she feels well soon and that all is well.

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

poor little thing. i am off to the dr. for gavin too. it never ends!