Sunday, March 21, 2010

sleepless nights

i could not, for the love,
go to sleep last night.
but i got a wild hair to make
a bib necklace for darby
to wear to church today.
it was super fun and easy to do.
here is a good tutorial on
how to make the fabric flowers.
im so paying the price today,
i can barely keep my eyes open...

i watched this movie while
i was crafting.
it was awesome.
a must see ladies.

tres tres bien


annie said...

LOVE the bib.

LOVE audrey tautou. netflix here i come.

E diggity M to the I to the L to the Y said...

SO Stinkin' CUTE!!! Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I am so making these!

Kim said...

So super cute!!! Tal just made me a cute shirt with those same kind of flowers. Love it :)

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

very cute! i just need some fabric and i will have to try it:)

Pritchard Family - Megan said...

just a bit of trivia . . . did you know that Joe used to live with one of Coco Chanel's relatives, Marc Chanel. I can't remember exactly how they were related, I think he was her nephew. He was always inviting us to visit him in France, we probably should have done it back then! Oh the "should haves" !! Anywho . . .

Talia said...

okay, lindsey...i think we are the same person. seriously. i made a shirt for myself a while back with those flowers and then i made kim one this past week, too. holy cow. darby's neclace is gorgeous!! next on my list for my girls!!

heather said...

lindsey- i am in LOVE with your blog. after you left me a comment and i found it, i spent like 2 hours going all the way back to the beginning. i love it! ...and i'm definitely going to try to make one of these necklaces. forget the kiddos, i want one for myself!