Monday, March 22, 2010

who da thunk?

that an upside down basket
would make an amazing hanging light.

this one is in the almost done kitchen.
ive had that basket for years and years.
it had lotion and crap in it.
i was going to toss it.
im so glad i didnt.
the contractor thats making the kitchen beautiful
just got a hanging light kit at home depot.
super easy cheesy.

this one is in my bedroom.
got the basket from etsy for $10
spent $10 on parts from home depot.
and gave my friends hubby a
gift cert to pf changs for hanging it.
but total cost $20!!
{a tutorial}

ill post better pic's when the kitchen is done
and ive painted my bedroom ceiling...
sometimes i wish i had more hours in a day...


tvmom said...

cool light fixture...also like your photo a day blog...very cool!

Kim said...

Love them!! I just looked at the anthro ones expensive...but yours look just like them for way less!! Great job :)

Talia said...

you have awesome style!!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

How fantastic!